About Riyadh Kaiser

Chowdhury Kaiser Mohammad Riyadh is an Enlightening Speaker & Self-help Educator. He is the Co-founders of World Happiness & Peace Foundation (under registration).

From his childhood, he has carried forward & has kept on avoiding two phobias till the age of 24; at times, he used to stammer so much that he had difficulties in uttering his name even and looking down from the rooftop of just a four-storied building used to trigger fear inside him. He has transformed himself into a speaker from a stammer and back in 2014, he flew to Nepal to do bungee jumping to get over the height phobia.


  • Hello my name is Haia A Al Assaf. I'm from Jordan. I attended to the personal development session for Coach Riyadh was really amazing and lovely. What I really loved in the session is that Coach Riyadh kept us engaged with him and with the topic that he's talking about and I really recommend each person to attend to the session. Thank you so much Coach Riyadh your efforts and your time.

    Haia A Al Assaf
    Haia A Al Assaf Jordan
  • Hello everyone. My name is Bushra Yasin. I'm from Sudan. I am a social activist and I study law. It was a pleasure that I had a chance to attend a personal development session with Mr Riyadh within the Young Professional Fellowship Maldives. That session was very inspiring. It showed us a very positive point of view while dealing with the various situations we all face in our lives. It also helped us to understand the different mentalities of people we meet which I found very interesting. The thing I like the most is that the session was very interactive and we all had the chance to express ourselves. I highly recommend whenever you have a chance to attend a session with Mr. Riyadh, Thank you

    Bushra Yassin
    Bushra Yassin Sudan
  • Hi, it's Ayesha Siddiqa from Pakistan. I'm a lecturer of sociology at the University of Sargodha. I attended a couple of personal growth sessions from Riyadh Kaiser once in Malaysia and another in Turkey on the topic of finding the purpose of life. I found it very useful and helpful for my personal growth and it really gave me self-realization. The two thing I actually loved about the session was the way he used to give us the self-measuring yardstick in our own hands in the form of some scale’s objectives and some other case studies really enjoyed and the biggest takeaway for learning from that session was “How to Be Eudemonic not Hedonic” or a self-centered person while achieving your goals. I would highly recommend you all to please attend his sessions, Thank you.

    Ayesha Siddiqa
    Ayesha Siddiqa Pakistan
  • Hi my name is Ana Mariel Campusano. I am from Dominican Republic and I had the honor to attend one of the self-development sessions from Mr. Riyadh and I can tell you today I found my life purpose. Not only did I find my life purpose but I also felt a little bit attacked. I felt like the truth was coming out of me and becoming a reality for I can change the patterns of behavior that I have had so far in my life. I think that finding life purpose goes hand in hand with psychology like Mr. Riyadh explained but it also goes hand in hand with self-development growth and the capacity, ability and wish the willingness to want to Change. I never knew that I needed this until Mr. Riyadh brought my life purpose. Thank you so much.

    Ana Mariel Campusano
    Ana Mariel Campusano Dominican Republic
  • Hello my name is Aliana. I'm from Ukraine. I am happy that I participated in Mr. Riyadh's Session. I really enjoyed it. I think the most important lesson I Learned that it's important all the time to have purpose in life based on his book Recommended Man search for meaning by Victor Frankel. I think that especially in this time 2020 COVID 19 we all need to work with inner fears, inner vulnerabilities and make them make ourselves strong and these strengths will benefit the whole world. So, I really recommend all of you participate in the next sessions of Mr. Riyadh. Wish you all the best, Thank you

    Aliana Ukraine
  • My name is Ignacio. I'm coming from Argentina and after the session on how to Find Life Purpose. I would like to recommend it as a way to review. Our values and also to think on what we want to achieve and to think with different eyes and I will certainly recommend it to everyone, Thanks.

    Ignacio Argentina

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