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Chowdhury Kaiser Mohammad Riyadh is an Enlightening Speaker & Self-help Educator. He is the Co-founders of World Happiness & Peace Foundation (under registration).

From his childhood, he has carried forward & has kept on avoiding two phobias till the age of 24; at times, he used to stammer so much that he had difficulties in uttering his name even and looking down from the rooftop of just a four-storied building used to trigger fear inside him. He has transformed himself into a speaker from a stammer and back in 2014, he flew to Nepal to do bungee jumping to get over the height phobia.

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  • No doubt that you are an amazing speaker. It was a rewarding experience for me and my students. Your incredible speech will improve our lives in many ways. Thank you so much for sharing your time, knowledge and your sense of humor! Eagerly waiting for having you among us in once again

    Rubayat Nirjhor Teacher, TMSS Public School & College, Bogra
  • Through your session I have learnt how to be happy in depressed situations, how to reach destination by taking ACTION. I am inspired by your speech. I am also impressed by your cordial behavior as well. There are many things to learn from you and I am your big follower from that day 😀

    Taiyeb Hossain Jony
    Taiyeb Hossain Jony Student, Islamic University, Kushtia
  • That was a session of my life. It helped to take any action on the works I used to procrastinate. I have learnt practicing being happy in every moment from then on. Thank you so much, Bhaiya

    Ohina Dipty
    Ohina Dipty Student, Islamic University, Kushtia
  • Riyadh Kaiser succeeded wonderfully in holding a very cosmopolitan audience spellbound throughout his talk in “Asia Pacific Future Leaders Conference” held in Malaysia. His humor appealed to all, whilst at the same time portrayed very important life lessons. A great man, a great speaker.

    Waqar Ul Shams
    Waqar Ul Shams National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan.
  • It was one of the most amazing sessions that I ever attended in my life so far. He taught us how to improve ourselves and how to improve our confident. After the session my confidence level significantly increased because I discovered the reasons to be successful in my life and grateful to the God and to remain happy whereever I am

    Nur Zakina
    Nur Zakina Ahmed Dalan School of Economics, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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